Raspberry Pi First Time

System Updates

Updated all packages

sudo apt update

Upgraded all packages with

sudo apt upgrade

Changed resolution from 640×480 to 1280×720 now that resolution options show up in start → preferences → raspberry pi configuration → change resolution


Configuring Raspberry Pi to be able to boot from a usb stick

enabled raspberry pi 3 running raspbian to boot from a usb stick (that will hold kali linux)

echo program_usb_boot_mode=1 | sudo tee -a /boot/config.txt
vcgencmd otp_dump | grep 17:

confirmed 17:3020000a is the output, so that means booting from usb is enabled.


Installing Cool Retro Terminal on Raspbian

cool-retro-term installation:
increase swap file size to 1 gig https://www.bitpi.co/2015/02/11/how-to-change-raspberry-pis-swapfile-size-on-rasbian/
then https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41338868/trying-to-run-cool-retro-term-on-raspberry-pi-retropie-debian-jessie
However, it runs too slowly (maxes cpu)