Raspberry Pi 3 – Bluetooth Hacking Journal 1 – Kali Linux or Raspbian?

Project Goal

  • Install bluetooth hacking tools and metasploit on a Raspberry Pi 3 for the purpose of disrupting, reading, and hacking bluetooth devices.
  1. I installed Kali Linux but found that hard drive space was limited because the installation media I got from offensive-security.com was .dd not .iso file format.
  2. I also found that Kali Linux for Raspberry Pi 3 does not include metasploit, when typically this software is installed by default.
  3. I figured I might as well install the tools on Raspian since Kali Linux offers nothing over Raspian for my purposes.
  4. I installed Raspian and found there were missing bluetooth hacking tools that are by default included in Kali Linux.
  5. I went back to Kali Linux and found that the bluetooth tools are missing as well. At this point I’m finding that the Kali Linux installation for Raspberry Pi 3 is pretty stripped, for what I can tell is no reason.
  6. I booted up an ubuntu live cd to extend the partition of Kali Linux to take up the whole 32GB of microsd rather than just 7GB. I had to use a live cd because gparted won’t extend a partition while it’s in use – I can’t boot into Kali Linux and then extend the size of the drive while using Kali Linux.
  7. I manually installed metasploit and that worked. I then manually installed bluetooth tools but had a lot of trouble and did not get them all working.
  8. Eventually I settled on getting everything working on Kali Linux for Arm and will stick with that for the rest of the project. They are very similar in dependencies required for software to work so the instructions should be almost identical for both.