How to block pesky spam based on the unsubscribe url using the Thunderbird email client

Tested in Thunderbird 60.5.2

This is very helpful when the sender’s email address keeps changing and you still keep getting the same junk.

  1. Install extension ‘expression search – google mail ui’ –
    • To install the extension you can to ‘tools -> addons’ in the thunderbird client and then search for ‘expression search – google mail ui’ and install it.
  2. Make a filter that says ‘Body (RegEx)’, matches, (contents of the url that you can see when mousing over it)
  3. For example, I was getting a ton of spam from a lot of different addresses that contained an unsubscribe link that contained the domain in the link. 
  4. So my filter is 
    • ‘Body (RegEx)’, matches,
      • Anything that matches this in the body of an email gets deleted
        • Typically they would not be deleted because all an email filter would see is the ‘click here to unsubscribe’ link and not the actual url in the link. But with the extension and new filter option, that can be detected