Converting all of a color to transparency

Final Image

Original Image


  1. Open the original image in gimp
  2. In the toolbox (if you can’t find this window press ctrl + b or open it via the ‘windows’ menu option at the top of gimp) click on ‘Select by Color Tool’ or press ‘Shift + o’ on the keyboard
  3. Click anywhere on the black color
  4. Press the delete button on your keyboard
  5. In the menu click on ‘Select -> None’ or press ctrl + shift + a on the keyboard.
  6. To now make all of the remaining image a single color, click on ‘Colors’ in the menu, and then choose ‘Colorize…’
  7. Adjust colors to your preference. Here I took the lightness bar and brought it all the way down.
  8. After you make it all the way light or all the way dark, click ok.
  9. Now all further colorize changes will all make it a uniform color (all blue, orange, green, etc. rather than some white and some blue, some white and some orange…)
  10. File > Export As…
  11. Make a new name for your new file and click the export button to save the new file