Coffee is bad for laptops

It wouldn't charge the battery anymore. Replaced the motherboard and all is well.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy activity monitoring worksheet

Easily track stats about activities throughout the day to see how what you do affects your quality of life so that you can make improvements and have a better life.

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The Scientific Method – Recording Results

Thoughts on an important part of learning and moving forward.

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Addiction and Physical Fitness Growing Up

Thoughts on how childhood development with a consistent fitness routine may cause problems with addiction and stress later in life if that routine is not maintained.

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I few years ago I had to start eating only fruits and vegetables because of a digestive issue. It’s a really unfulfilling way to eat but my tinnitus went away. After 12 years of hearing ringing in my ears, it just stopped. If I get off the diet too much it comes back. Around 60-70% fruits and vegetables and I hear nothing. Peace and quiet. I tell doctors and they don’t believe me. I tell people online, and they don’t believe me and they put me down. So this is so there is a record. I found a way to treat it. It’s an affliction that affects about 20 million americans, and if it worked for me it’s bound to work for some other people.  View Full Post

Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs

The evening arrived; the boys and girls took their places. The admin, in his 'The Dude' uniform, stationed himself at the game servers; his well-to-do assistants ranged themselves behind him;

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