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Raspberry Pi First Time

I used the Raspberry Pi running Raspian, for the first time. Here are some notes.

Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs

The evening arrived; the boys and girls took their places. The admin, in his 'The Dude' uniform, stationed himself at the game servers; his well-to-do assistants ranged themselves behind him;

Network Design Project

A practice network and security proposal featuring vpn and ptp connections.

How computer security has affected my professional life

Computer security requirements have changed the way that businesses do business and the way that I approach problems in my professional life.

Monitor Email IP for Blacklisting with Linux

Bash scripts in linux, the mutt command line email program, a unique gmail account, and cron, are all used to assist you in knowing whenever a blacklisting change has occurred for your email server.

Arch Linux Installation

This is a guide for an easy installation of arch linux from

metasploit hack windows 10

Learn how to use Metasploit to generate a virus that can allow you to exploit a windows 10 operating system in many ways including viewing the screen and keylogging.

metasploit introduction

A prominent open-source platform for developing, testing and using exploit code.