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Converting all of a color to transparency

Here's an example of how to convert all of a background to transparency and then also change the colors of the remaining image

Guardian 1.1

Automated bluetooth scanning pairing and logging tool

Raspberry Pi 3 - Kali Linux - Bluetooth Hacking Journal 4 - Automated Scanning and Connecting

Custom-made automatic bluetoothctl scanning and pairing program written in bash

Firewall Bandwidth Standards for VoIP

Traffic Shaping to greatly reduce phone call problems with voip calls.

Raspberry Pi 3 – Kali Linux – Bluetooth Hacking Journal 3 - Carwhisperer

Carwhisperer bluetooth experimentation on Raspberry Pi running Kali Linux

The Scientific Method - Recording Results

Thoughts on an important part of learning and moving forward.

Bluetooth Security Flaws

A general security investigation into the flaws of bluetooth security.

Monitoring The Last Hop

Tip for monitoring remote devices to greatly reduce troubleshooting times.

Addiction and Physical Fitness Growing Up

Thoughts on how childhood development with a consistent fitness routine may cause problems with addiction and stress later in life if that routine is not maintained.