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Connect to a wireless access point from command line in Ubuntu using nmcli

A simple guide for connecting wirelessly on linux command line interface (cli) in Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems using nmcli, the command line interface for the NetworkManager utility that comes pre-installed on most versions of ubuntu and many versions of linux.

Passing arguments in command line to bash

Sometimes it's nice or necessary to be able to adjust variables and strings while running a bash script.

One command to update ubuntu software

Tired of going through multiple commands and prompts every time you update your ubuntu system? Well, this is the guide for you!

Changing your command prompt in linux

Change your bash prompt in linux by editing the .bashrc file and changing the PS1 values

autorun bash commands upon ssh login

How to run automatically run commands anytime you connect to a linux machine over ssh.

Viewport Height settings for a minimum page height

This code allows for the main section of a website between the header and footer tags to be 100% of the page always, regardless of content contained within.

Cognitive behavioral therapy activity monitoring worksheet

Easily track stats about activities throughout the day to see how what you do affects your quality of life so that you can make improvements and have a better life.

Favorite Debian Linux Software to install via command line

Software that I like to install on debian linux

Install lubuntu on usb

For a persistent, mobile operating system on the go that can be used on any computer that supports 64 bit architecture (all modern pc's in the last 8 years that run windows) and that can boot from a usb drive.