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Thrustmaster GP XID Pro Edition USB Controller - Setup for Ubuntu 20.04

Thrustmaster XID Pro Edition Gamepad for PC - Setup Instructions for Ubuntu 20.04

SEC 235 - Network and Telecoms - Case Projects 1

Network types and expansion practice.

SEC 410 - Individual Research Project

Consultant for expanding a global eCommerce corporation.

SEC 410 - Discussion - Week 2

What is the value of the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure…

SEC 410 - Discussion - Week 1

What are today's most significant threats to network security? Phishing…

SEC 410 - Network Defense and Countermeasures - Report 1

Part One: Research the following bulleted items below, using…

SEC 350 - Forensic Investigation Scenario

Your IT department has just created an IR/Computer Forensics team; you are tasked with setting it up. Your first assignment is the following: John Smith from the Collections Department has been accessing child pornographic websites from the company computer. What laws and crimes are involved?

Business Continuity Scenario - Pika Mining Corp

A business continuity plan concerning how to keep things running if there is an incident of physical violence.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: An Overview

Artificial Intelligence is going to change humanity. Many people have opinions of a variety of aspects of humanity that will be affected. They range from the apocalyptic, to the mundane and Utopian. AI will be smarter and will evolve faster than its creators and there are major questions to be considered.