Addiction and Physical Fitness Growing Up

Similarly to how an athletic person will eat a high calorie diet while working out and then stop working out but not change their diet, an athletic person may not change the way they take on stress. When exercising a lot, taking on stress or making decisions that cause stress isn’t so much of an issue because the exercise gets rid of it or keeps it from getting to you in the first place. So if you are someone who was physically active a lot growing up then you may have developed a personality and decision-making characteristics that don’t take stress into account. So if you are not exercising anywhere near as much but you haven’t changed as a person otherwise, now you are a wreck because you are making choices and forming attitudes that were fine when you were fit, but you don’t have the exercise to back it up now. That’s not good in regards to staying away from addiction. So, while exercise is important, it may be much more so for someone that spent their early developmental years with a body that could handle the personality, and now the body can’t. So if you’re someone that is struggling with addiction, you want to minimize stress which can trigger you, and if you were physically fit growing up and no longer are, exercise could benefit you much more than it otherwise would, because of who you are and how you handle life.