About Me


Brendon Feole

Cyber Security Engineering, Network Engineering, System Administration and Analysis, Technical Documentation

Galena, OH


I enjoy many fields of study including computer science, psychology, and history. In computer science I have had the opportunity to work with many different Networking and System Administration technologies.

I also enjoy horseback riding, soccer, swimming, hiking, basketball, weight lifting, yoga, listening to podcasts, playing the piano, and volunteering for animal care.


Delaware Technical Community College Undergraduate

Programming Languages

php, javascript, c++, java, assembly, css, bash & expect, python, lua, x86/x64 assembly

Math Courses

Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics

General Courses

World History, Neurobiology, Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, English Literature, Ancient Chinese Art History, Sociology, Introduction to Computer Hardware, Pre/Post Civil War History, 日本

Wilmington University – Computer Network Security – Bachelor of Science & Dean’s List – 2019

Information Security Courses

Cyber Law, Survey of Criminal Justice, Intrusion Detection and Investigation, Electronic Discovery, Ethical Hacking, Ethics for Computer Professionals, The Psychology of Cyber Criminals, Cyber Security & The Internet of Things, Cryptography, Principles and Practice of Information Security, Introduction to Linux, Windows Server 2012 Administration, Advanced Network Management, Introduction to Computer Forensics, Cryptography and Encryption, Networks and Telecoms, OS and Computer System Security, Data Integrity and Disaster Recovery, Firewalls and Network Security, Linux for System Administrators

Math Courses

Inferential Statistics

General Courses

Climate Dynamics, Windows General Applications, Critical Thinking, Public Speaking


DCANet – Network Engineer, Windows/Linux Administrator, & Support

2010 – 2017


General administration to keep all network, server, email, and voice services running smoothly for DCANet (an internet service provider).

Supporting Customer VoIP services such as phones and IVR’s and maintaining high call quality and reliability. I also had to ensure phone firmware and security settings were up-to-date to prevent VoIP breaches.

Projects such as Linux bash scripting, custom SNMP monitoring, custom traffic shaping to improve internet customer’s security and reliability.

Highly detailed and thorough documentation to improve employee productivity and reliability. New and existing employees can look up exactly what to do in any given situation. Network maps are kept up-to-date so anyone can know where equipment is located and how to access it.

Security evaluations for network equipment such as servers, public computers, firewalls, switches, and VoIP equipment.

Upgrading and tailoring monitoring programs such as Nagios, Cacti, and SmokePing to provide fast and accurate results to greatly improve troubleshooting speed.

Installations and configurations for network equipment such as firewalls, switches, VoIP phones, and fax machines.

Monitoring to ensure quality of service for customers and to know if there is any sort of security breach or loss of service.

Team Leader (training, assisting fellow employees, encouraging a positive atmosphere, leading projects).

Evaluations of current hardware (and its software) to see if it’s meeting the company’s and customer needs.

Onsite and remote troubleshooting of customer equipment – Ubiquiti airFiber, Firewalls/Switches (Cisco/Fortigate/Ubiquiti), lan ethernet cable issues.


Configured higher security standards for ssl and IPsec vpn configuration for Fortigate and Cisco firewalls.

Configured port forwarding to go through the firewall and to all internal switches for snmp to allow remote monitoring of not only all relevant oid’s on the firewall, but all relevant oid’s on the switches as well. This gave us much faster response times in investigating network problems on remote networks.

Setup a portable odroid network monitoring device that allows remote access into the device while providing network monitoring on all the internals of a client’s network, giving even more depth and understanding to employees at DCANet for a remote client’s internal network, without having to go onsite. Also greatly improved troubleshooting effectiveness.

Identified that having a vlan on the wan interface of a firewall can cause throughput issues on certain firewalls and found the workaround to be installing a switch to take the vlan and put a port on access for the firewall to use.

Audited all networked equipment to be monitored for hardware or security problems such as CPU or bandwidth issues via cacti that could be indicative of hardware, network, or security problems such as denial of service attacks.

Changed switchport mode to access on cisco switches whose connections terminated on cisco sg800-08 switches so that they could be remotely accessed as sg800-08 does not support vlan access.

Thoroughly updated and maintained the DCANet MediaWiki knowledgebase to greatly improve productivity and training.

Set up Cacti network monitoring live graphs to monitor spikes on core network equipment that are indicative of attacks, and made a separate configuration to provide email notifications for those events.

Prioritized VoIP on firewalls, including dual wan configurations, to remove interference and call drops in all network installations.

Created video tutorials for email access for customers.

Upgraded our Barracuda email spam firewall to provide an additional cloud layer of spam filtering and email backup, at no additional cost to DCANet.

Promoted positive and clear communication among engineering and support teams.

Developed several WordPress websites for customers who wanted more modern designs, as well as our own website.

Migrated websites off of our older UNIX and Windows hosting platforms to a newer Linux-based platform.

Upgraded and organized our network monitoring capabilities on Cacti, Nagios, and SmokePing to greatly decrease troubleshooting times.

Created network topography maps for non-standard network designs for easy access on our knowledgebase.

Refined our network alert system and knowledgebase so that it is more thorough and accurate, to allow fast response times and troubleshooting.

Created a table of contents for our knowledgebase to standardize the organization of any further articles and to ensure that all maintained pages are connected.

Updated SmokePing’s graphical interface, as well as ping interval and alarm times, to record all network disruptions. Multiple threads were used to share the load on the cpu of the server. Configured on Arch Linux and implemented FastCGI for a speedy graphical interface.

Unlocked additional frequencies with Ubiquiti’s assistance in cooperation with the FCC to allow PTP wireless connections to flow unimpeded in congested areas (such as downtown Wilmington)

Mitigated an active cryptovirus that was encrypting all data on a shared drive (all of the customer’s backups were on this drive) and successfully restored that data from damaged and hidden shadow copies via Windows Server 2008 command line.

Set new standards for storage equipment to reduce response times for customers with damaged or misconfigured onsite equipment.

Found that monitoring the last hop before a network connection enters a building allows for quick identification of internal or external problems (don’t have to call the ISP to identify if it’s our problem or theirs).


Custom Internal Network Monitoring Devices (Raspberry Pi and Odroid) - 6 months
Social Engineering attacks and defense - 6 months
Computer and Network Forensics (Deleted file recovery, denial of service reports, reviewing logs for security breaches, breaking into password protected files) - 1 Year
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning - 1 Year
Apache Web Hosting Database Administration - 1 years
Barracuda Spam Firewall Management - 1 year
Bash, C++, php, python, assembly, javascript, and java programming - 1.5 years
VPN (Fortigate, Ubiquiti) including ipsec, ssl, and pptp - 2 years
DNS (spf, txt, reverse, cname, and A records) - 2 years
Email Clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) - 2 years
Network Operations Center - Network Cacti and Nagios SNMP Monitoring and Threshold Alerts, UPS (Power Supply) temperature and power alerts, and http://draw.io Network Mapping - 3 years
Linux Administration - cli, error logs, grep, regular expressions, list, man, info, rm, file permissions, ssh, updates, dependencies, bash automation, automatic backups – 3 years
Firewall and Switch TCI/IP (Cisco iOS/ASDM, Sonicwall, Ubiquiti, Fortigate, Adtran) Configuration Routing/Traffic Shaping/Port Forwarding/Vlans/DHCP/Config Backup/SNMP/Service Blocking - 3 years
Ethernet Cable Testing/Troubleshooting/Installation - 3 years
Ubiquiti airFiber wan/lan onsite dish installations/configurations, snmp monitoring, and troubleshooting - 3 years
Network Security (including HIPAA and PCI compliance) evaluations for firewalls and other network equipment (wan/lan) - 4 years
Team leader and trainer for current and new employees at DCANet - 4 years
Network troubleshooting with nmap, mtr, iperf3, speedtest-cli, traceroute, ping, and server and firewall logs - 4 years
IP WAN/LAN/VLAN public/private configuration, IP subnet/static/dynamic addresses - 4 years
Virus Identification and Removal including Boot Sector, Companion, and Stealth Viruses- 4 Years
Computer Repair and Troubleshooting - 4 years
Network Monitoring - Nagios, Cacti, and SmokePing - 5 years
Mediawiki Knowledgebase Technical Writing - 5 years
Fiber-Optic, Coaxial, EoC, and DSL Internet Access Troubleshooting - 5 years
VoIPNow, 4PSA, Cisco VoIP Phones - Monitoring, Firmware Updates, Troubleshooting - 5 years
RT (Request Tracker) Ticketing System (Management and use) - 7 years


Keith Duncan

President/CEO at Consult Dynamics, Inc./DCANet

Brendon is a very talented technical person and has solid problem solving skills. He is also creative in finding new solutions to problems – thinking outside of the box so to speak. We made a significant, positive contribution to DCANet over many years, and he has my highest recommendation.

Steve Villanueva Sr.

V.P. of Technology at Latin American Community Center, Inc.

Brendon has worked at our facilty for his employer. Is very knowledgeable and a professional. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

John McMillan

IT Coordinator at Saint Anthony of Padua

Brendon was out to help us on numerous occasion when we had networking problems. He was always happy to help and very knowledgeable.