Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: An Overview

Artificial Intelligence is going to change humanity. Many people have opinions of a variety of aspects of humanity that will be affected. They range from the apocalyptic, to the mundane and Utopian. AI will be smarter and will evolve faster than its creators and there are major questions to be considered.

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SEC 340 – Patching Policy in a Windows Environment

Draft a Corporate Policy on how patching will be implemented on the Windows Operating Environment. Be sure to include the Servers, Clients, and any associated devices (i.e printers). The policy should be as detailed as possible.

Please read before applying patches and updates to software used by the company’s computers, peripherals, and networking equipment. Due to potential security risks and quality-of-life changes it’s important to keep things to up-to-date. However, updates can introduce unexpected problems.

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SEC 340 – Virtualization Memo

You are the CIO of a medium size company tasked with modernizing the current operating environment. Create a persuasive memo to the board in favor of adopting virtualization as a cost-effective way to upgrade the aging network.

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SEC 340 – Network Security Exercise

A small, financial focused business is looking to organize and secure its network. It currently has a single public IP address from a local telecom.

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SEC 340 – MCSA Windows Server 2012 Complete Study Guide – Chapter 1 – 4 Review Questions

Chapter 1 Review Questions Page 140

1. You are the administrator for the ABC Company. You are looking to install Windows Server 2012 R2, and you need to decide which version to install. You need to install a version of Windows that is just for logon authentication and nothing else. You want the most secure option and cost is not an issue. What should you install?

A. Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter with GUI
B. Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Server Core
C. Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard with GUI
D. Windows Server 2012 R2 Web Server Core

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SEC 340 – Windows Server 2012 Group Policy Object and Organizational Unit Basic Practice

Design a Group Policy for a Small Business Network that needs to focus strict network security. Be sure to include at least 10 GPOs and explain how and why you configured them.

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SEC 350 – Forensic Image Scenario

I'm a forensic analyst subcontracted with the Delaware Department of Homeland Security. I have to search for any evidence of terrorist material while following best standards and practices of forensic analysis.

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SEC 350 – Computer Forensics Scenario

My IT department has just created an IR/Computer Forensics team; I'm tasked with setting it up.

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