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Bluetooth Security Flaws

A general security investigation into the flaws of bluetooth security.

Monitoring The Last Hop

Tip for monitoring remote devices to greatly reduce troubleshooting times.

Addiction and Physical Fitness Growing Up

Thoughts on how childhood development with a consistent fitness routine may cause problems with addiction and stress later in life if that routine is not maintained.

Raspberry Pi 3 - Kali Linux - Bluetooth Hacking Journal 2 - Redfang

Redfang experimentation with bluetooth and a galaxy s6, on raspberry pi 3 running kali linux

Raspberry Pi 3 - Arduino - Blinking Light

How to set up a basic blinking light with a Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Board

Raspberry Pi 3 - Bluetooth Hacking Journal 1 - Kali Linux or Raspbian?

I spent time installing Kali Linux and Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 3 to see which would be better for bluetooth hacking purposes. They seem equal from what I can tell so far because of how stripped Kali Linux for Arm is.

Raspberry Pi 3 - Metasploit Installation on Raspbian

How to install metasploit on raspberry pi 3 - raspbian

Raspberry Pi 3 - Bluetooth Experimentation

Bluetooth Pairing and General Experimentation for the Raspberry Pi 3 running Kali Linux

Kali Linux On Raspberry Pi 3 - Installation

Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3 installation and configuration