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Configuring autologin for pianobar

How to configure pianobar (a command line pandora program) to automatically login upon being run via command line

Networking hands-on exercises

From the book - Guide to Networking Essentials 7th Edition by Greg Tomsho.

Creating Command Aliases In Ubuntu for the command line interface

Aliases can be set up to run complicated or long commands via a shorter custom command.

Cyber Security and Social Engineering Awareness

Video of me explaining some cyber security basics. It's definitely not boring.

Dynamic DNS setup on home linux server

Set up dynamic dns through registering a domain name and installing a client on your home or office linux server to update the ip associated with your newly registered domain name automatically, if it ever changes. This is useful if you have a public ip address that periodically changes, but you always want to be able to access it by using a domain name.

Coffee is bad for laptops

It wouldn't charge the battery anymore. Replaced the motherboard and all is well.

Layers of the Earth's Atmosphere

A visual representation of the layers of the Earth's Atmosphere, with details for each layer.

Connect ethernet cables with a match, knife, and electrical tape

Connect ethernet cables with a match, knife, and electrical tape. If you don't have a wire crimper or a coupler handy, you can still get by!

Connect to a wireless access point from command line in Ubuntu using nmcli

A simple guide for connecting wirelessly on linux command line interface (cli) in Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems using nmcli, the command line interface for the NetworkManager utility that comes pre-installed on most versions of ubuntu and many versions of linux.